PhD (Astrophysics)

Mapping gravitational waves.
Currently at the University of Cardiff

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I am curious about physics and always wanted to become a scientist. Because purpose is meaningless if there is no knowledge. I got caught up in engineering, but found my way back in and finished my PhD in Physics. My primary research is gravitational wave astronomy and I thoroughly enjoy it!

For you, what is personally the most exciting/revolutionary/useful discovery to come out of science in your lifetime?

I am directly involved in gravitational wave astronomy, so I will say the detection of the first gravitational wave signal.

Who are your role models?

I like Albert Einstein for his genius, Paul Dirac for his humility and Richard Feynman for his versatility

Where do you see the future of science ideally?

It’s hard to predict currently. We haven’t increased our depth of understanding in quite some time

How is the Atma Perspective model of reality going to change the world?

Atma Perspective is a positive attempt at convincing people and scientists that the mechanistic approach to science is limited and without purpose. The most wonderful thing one can muse about is not the working of the universe, how does body perform various actions, the evolution or the future of Earth, but rather the source of consciousness. This is something that makes us aware and the person we are